terms and conditions


  • When leaving your room, please make sure the door is locked.
  • Please use the door latch whenever you are in your room.
  • For your safety and protection, please safeguard your keycard at all times and notify reception if your keycard is lost
  • When checking out of the Hotel, please be sure to return your room keycard to the Front Desk.
  • Lost keycard will be charged Rs. 500/-


  • Please receive your visitors in the Lobby.
  • Please answer a knock at the door with the door latch attached. Notify the Assistant Manager (Dial 9) of any suspicious persons.


  • Please do not use inflammables for heating, cooking or the like, irons, candles, etc., in the guest room or the corridors without the consent of the Hotel. Cooking in the guest rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from smoking in places that may easily catch fire, especially in bed.
  • Please do not use guest rooms for business activities or private parties, as offices or for any purposes other than accommodation use, without the consent of the Hotel.
  • Please do not rearrange guest room furnishings, or install or remodel the room’s fixtures, without the consent of the Hotel.
  • Please do not remove small furnishings or items from the guest rooms.
  • Please do not place in the window items that may detract from the appearance of the Hotel.


  • Please deposit your cash, securities, jewellery and other valuables in a safety deposit box available in the room.


  • Any item that is found shall be kept at the Hotel for seven days, including the day it is found, and would be intimated to the telephone number provided.


  • Please follow the instructions of the Hotel staff.
  • Please do not leave any valuables or other items inside your car while it is parked. The Hotel cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.
  • Staying guests may use the Hotel parking lot free of charge limited to one vehicle per room. Please notify the Front Desk when taking your car out.
  • Please understand that the Hotel staff may not move your car on your behalf.
  • Please observe the additional management regulations of the Hotel parking lot.


  • Please understand that the Hotel does not advance money on purchases made at Hotel’s arcade shops not managed by the Hotel nor at shops outside of the Hotel.
  • Please understand that equipment-usage fees are calculated for the use of telephones (including telephone surcharge), fax machines and Wi-Fi installed in the reception and lounge area.


  • Please refrain from such activity as described below that may cause a nuisance to other guests of the Hotel.
  • Bringing dogs, cats, birds or other animals or pets into the Hotel.
  • Bringing explosives or inflammable substances into the Hotel.
  • Bringing potentially noxious or harmful substances into the Hotel.
  • Bringing into the Hotel any other items which possession of is prohibited by law.
  • Gambling, coercive, speech or conduct, behaviour corrupting of public morals, or behaviour, speech or conduct (including loud noises) that other guests may find abhorrent or that may cause a nuisance to other guests.
  • Leaving your guest room in improper attire.
  • Distribution of advertising or publicity literature, sales of goods, soliciting or other such activity within the Hotel.


  • We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest to the hotel’s property or structure.
  • Linen and towels which are beyond washable conditions are considered as damaged and liable to be charged.


  • We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage charges.


  • Check in and Checkout times are explained when bookings are made. Any extension to the check out time, either pre-arranged or as a late departure, may incur a charge upon departure
  • Whilst we attempt to satisfy all special requests, we are unable to provide a guarantee.
  • Please co-operate with economies of electricity and water for the preservation of natural resources


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